• Only students enrolled in public and private universities in Uzbekistan can participate.
  • Students can not participate individually.
  • Students can participate with more than one application.
  • Mobile applications must be linked to one of the relevant government services provided to individual or business customers (G2C or G2B).
  • Mobile applications and solutions must be developed at the university, by the students themselves.
  • All submissions must include a video explaining the app with the main features and benefits of the app.
  • University must issue an Authority letter to each team.
    The letter must be issued on University letterhead only, must contain all required team details, and must be duly signed by Head of University or the Authority and bear the University seal.
  • The university must be accredited and recognized by the entity authorized to do so in Uzbekistan.
  • Each student team can have at least  3 members. Female member per team is recommended.
  • No faculty members in teams.
  • No restriction on number of teams from each University.
  • A team can make multiple idea submissions for different problem statements under the same team
  • each team will have the option of selecting their own mentor either from the faculty or the Industry.
  • During the registration process all team members need to sign an undertaking stating that ‘the team will abide with all the licensing terms and conditions of all the tools/software they use during the ‘Grand Finale’ of mGov Award 2019.
  • Talented students of college, academic lyceum and high school can also be involved in the team.